“If you can’t explain it simply,
you don’t understand it well enough.”
- A. Einstein

Organization Design

Joseph's approach to Org Design is rooted in futurecasting. The process looks as follows:
(a) Articulate visions for your organization at several horizons in the future.
(b) Make a timeline that captures your history and extends into that future.
(c) Zoom in on the journey to that first horizon and build a roadmap.
(d) Create visuals to illustrate how the organization works and is structured.
(e) Clarify expectations given available resources and translate them into goals.
(f) Design assets and experiences to introduce and formalize everything with the team.
Pardon and Likemind (2021)
Launching a family office and venture studio, overseeing a diverse portfolio of companies and holdings.
National Gallery of Canada (2020)
A roll-out oriented project, in partnership with NOBL, to build out a robust strategic plan document as a capstone to many months of work.
The Future Project (2017)
As a member of the leadership team, shaping the MVV, redesigning the org chart, setting goals, and creating assets to roll out the plan.

Learning & Development

Designing experiences is core to Joseph's approach. These experiences can serve a wide range of purposes:
(a) Cornerstone cultural moments, formalizing team cultures and solidifying a sense of shared identity.
(b) Key information-sharing moments, in which updates to org strategy are socialized.
(c) Professional development opportunities, in which teammates can skill-up and share best practices.
(d) Chances to leverage collective genius, identify opportunities, and engage in collective problem-solving.
Dream Academy (2016)
Design and implementation of a multi-year training program, preparing field-staff for their work in high schools across the U.S.
Civic Imagineer Onboarding (2018)
An intensive one-week onboarding program for a cohort of new designers and researchers at a newly launched social impact start-up studio.
Future Now (2019)
An end-of year team retreat, designed to align the team and workshop some of the challenges the organization was facing at the time.

Research & Systems Mapping

Joseph brings a deep toolkit of research methods and mapping techniques:
(a) Surface assumptions and build shared mental models using maps and other visuals.
(b) Conduct original research through immersive experiences and engagement with prototypes.
(c) Create systems maps that help us zoom out and see the web of interactions in a system.
(d) Develop theories-of-change and strategies that tie short-term actions to long-term impact.
(e) Translate research findings into persuasive presentations that anyone can engage with.
The Teacher's Lounge (2014)
A research study turned non-profit aiming to understand and address breakdowns in the U.S. education system through the lens of teachers.
Sage (2018)
A service-oriented business for seniors, based on research into trends including the shift in demographics and the rise of automation.
Enough (2017)
An intensive three-month study to determine the optimal basic income distribution, and a book with maps and charts to support the findings.

Product & Web Design

Joseph is a maker at heart, and as an interdisciplinary designer, he works in a wide range of media:
(a) Physical products, inventions, designed to be fabricated and distributed at scale.
(b) Websites and decks that powerfully communicate an organization's story and purpose.
(c) Interactive web platforms, whether for internal use or to engage the community.
(d) Videos, animations, books, or brochures to help get your big ideas across.
After (2020)
A suite of products, including a workbook, a boardgame, a deck of cards, and a web platform, to help people craft their end of life plans.
Lensmate (2012)
Working with a Canadian camera accessories company to design and launch a new and improved camera lens cleaner for Canadian markets.
Logbook (2015)
Design and CQI of a proprietary web portal for Dream Directors to track engagement with the High School students they were working with.

About Joseph

Joseph Weissgold is a Canadian-American product and experience designer based out of Toronto. He is a founding member of the venture studio ‘Pardon’, founder and operator of the life education institute ‘After’, and he provides consulting, facilitation, and coaching for a select group of early stage companies and entrepreneurs.

He is technically proficient in design, having studied at Carleton, Parsons, and SVA where he earned his graduate degree, and has worked with a wide range of organizations including the United Nations (UN), Future Now, Makerbot, Soundfly, the Museum of Natural History (AMNH), the Department of Education, Hashomer Hatzair, the Future Project, and more.
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